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In the next ten years drones will alter industrial processes and become common in our everyday lives

Background and the problem for the project

Nordic Drone Initiative (NDI) is a public-private research project accelerating the introduction of sustainable drone-based mobility and connectivity solutions in the Nordics. Drones are fast, scalable and automated means of transportation, and the technology is developing rapidly. This development is predicted to have a profound impact on businesses across industries. Funded by the Nordic states and a group of forerunner companies, this project analyses how drones will shape the Nordic businesses and societies in the future.

For further information, please visit the NDI website.

Key insights

Drones have different value proposition compared to traditional transportation

The economic potential of drones in transportation is built on differentiated value propositions such as speed, punctuality and urgency. It’s unlikely that drones will compete against rubber tires in the near future.

Industrial processes have benefitted first

Industrial processes (especially indoors and onsite) have been the first to be impacted by drones. They have offered the best balance between economic potential and ease of implementation as technology and regulations mature.

The focus is shifting to consumer services

With drones already shown their potential on the industrial side, the focus is more and more shifting to consumer services and customer experience. With both regulation and technology constantly developing, drones are not far away from improving our everyday quality of life.

Our research indicates that Imagery, Human transportation and Urgent delivery of goods will be the highest value use cases for drones in the next 10 years

Economic potential of use cases across the selected industries


Use cases must offer both economic potential as well as conform to the enabling elements.

Snapshots from the project

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