Management consulting for service businesses

We help SMBs and large corporates grow their service businesses using data and digital capabilities.

1. Get more out of your existing customer base

Grow revenue by focusing resources, selling more and plugging leaks. We help you find potential, realise quick wins and secure long-term improvements to your day-to-day operations.

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2. Grow your business with digital services

Make smart investments in digital and launch services that have a measurable impact. We bring in experienced professionals and a proven process to get your projects to the finish line.

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1. Grow the value of your existing customer base cost-effectively

Your current customers are probably your most valuable asset. However, it is often the case that new customer acquisition stalls and existing customers are left to customer service and marketing. Increasing the value of your existing customer base requires data-driven customer insight, setting targets for incremental sales and churn, and focusing resources to those customers with the highest potential.

Increase up and cross selling

Selling to existing customers is up to 80% cheaper than acquiring new customers. Turn account management from a cost item into an additional and cross-selling opportunity with the right commercial measures and targeting.

Reduce customer churn

Serving existing customers is often forgotten, even though it is much cheaper to reduce churn than to acquire new customers. We help you identify the customers you want to keep and increase the value of those customers.

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Target the right customers with the right measures

Do you know which of your customers are most likely to buy more, or are considering terminating a contract? Analysing your customer base and identifying the most potential customers will help you grow your revenue without additional investment.

We have helped both SMBs and listed companies increase the value of their business

Identifying an underserved client group

We found an underserved customer group in the consumer service with a life-cycle value 54% above average.

Customer service +100%

By optimising service channels, we doubled the retention of certain consumer groups and increased usage by 44%.

Reducing the cost of services

We identified the most effective activation measures by significantly reducing the cost to serve for this group of customers.

“I recommend Bell Rock for anyone looking to have a professional and systematic launch process for their software or SaaS product”

Ville Kyytsönen, CEO, Solibri

Let’s create a solid roadmap for your digital service

2. Create and launch digital services that deliver results for your business

We help you develop your business by leveraging modern digital capabilities. Our approach is based on best practices in digital development. At its core are deep customer insight and business impact. Our team can handle all key commercial and project management tasks from rom planning, to launching and scaling. Naturally in collaboration with technical development.

Clarify where to invest and create a roadmap

Make sure you have taken everything into account and are investing in the right services. We will work with you to create a realistic plan for development and bring a clear process for successful implementation.

Bring your plans to a successful conclusion

Launching and implementing services in an organisation does not happen by itself, but requires not only good planning but also resources and experience in running similar projects. We can help you implement your plan according to best practice so you don't have to learn the hard way.

“Bell Rock helped launch our new service by deepening our understanding of the market, customers, business potential and sales approach. I recommend Bell Rock when you need a reliable and business-oriented partner for the commercial development of your (digital) service.”

Joni Rautanen, COO, Paytrail

We have helped both SMBs and listed companies to launch and commercialise digital services

Creating a digital roadmap for a global manufacturing company to build a service business.

Successful launch of a new SaaS product for a software company

Reform of a major B2B service including value proposition, pricing, technical base and sales model

Assessing the potential of the SaaS product family and creating a growth strategy

Developing, launching and supporting the growth of the digital taxi service nationwide

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