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Create and launch digital products & services that drive results for the business

Our business value driven Product Managers have helped teams at different stages of development, and in a wide variety of industries. With our team of experts we can support all key non-technical activities in planning, building and launching digital products and services.

I need someone with business understanding to lead this professionally

Digital project needs a leader who understands software development and actively drives business value. Our Product Managers do exactly that.

Our Product Manager left, and I need help, quickly!

Staff shortages are common but don’t let it slow you down. We’ve got you covered when you need a product, project or business specialists with a short notice.

Our progress is slow, we need to accelerate

Scaling teams is hard as it takes time to hire and the competition for talent is fierce. Speed up your progress with our experienced experts.

We need someone who can launch products successfully

So you have the developers and designers working. How about launch planning, communication, process changes, sales, partnerships, project management and user testing?

We don’t have a clear strategy for our digital development

Focus your resources to the most valuable opportunities. Create a solid strategy to guide your roadmap and start building the business of tomorrow.

We must understand the market and the customers better

Missing something important? Research the market, talk to customers, go mystery shopping, test a prototype, understand nuances and define ideal customer.

“I recommend Bell Rock for anyone looking to have a professional and systematic launch process for their software or SaaS product”

Ville Kyytsönen, CEO, Solibri

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We belong to a network of extraordinary talent. When needed, we can bring in experts in design, sales and marketing into the project. We enjoy working in cross-functional teams where handovers between people are seamless and often virtual.