How to get more value from your existing customer base

Existing customers are the biggest asset for many companies. It is up to 80% cheaper and many times easier to sell to existing customers than to new customers.

Increase up-sell and cross-sell to existing customers

The management of existing customers is often left to marketing and customer service. Commercial target setting and systematic sales are paying off.

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Reduce churn and downgrading

From improving customer satisfaction to targeting customers at risk of leaving - working together to find the most effective ways to reduce churn

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Customer base analysis helps you find the best customers

Customer behaviour analysis tells you which customers will be most valuable to you in the future

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More return for the same money

By targeting additional sales or customer care activities to the best customers, you get better results without additional investment

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Our experienced experts have helped both smaller and the largest companies in Finland even the world to increase the value of their existing customer base.


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Let's map out together how you can achieve rapid growth with your current resources.

This is how customer value creation typically proceeds

Customer base analysis and data-based segmentation

In particular, analysing customer behaviour data tells you a lot about your customers' potential. This analysis can help identify those customers with the highest purchasing potential.

Allocating today's resources more efficiently

Based on segmentation, measures to manage existing customers who can be re-targeted, creating significantly better results for the same resources: more sales and less churn.

Long-term action plan for customer care

Based on customer understanding, new treatments and major changes to the current situation can be planned. Roll-out should be carried out through piloting, with results measured accurately.

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