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Service concept for an energy company to enter the electric car charging business

Background and the problem

A Nordic energy company had an ambition to accelerate their organic growth through new business innovation. This work focused on electric car charging services for consumers and business customers. Our client already had a good understanding of the overall value chain as well as the value creation opportunities. However, they lacked a clear understanding of their potential position in the private car charging market, role and feasibility of their business model and therefore needed support in understanding it before making any investment decisions.

Key outcomes


Three phases were required to map out the new business concept

Built a fact base to define client’s position in the private car charging market

This phase included desktop research, interviews with various stakeholders and a workshop. This was done to define the market, the vision and develop an understanding of the potential position of the client.

Outlined a business concept that ensured the service creates value to the business

Based on the analysis from the first phase, preliminary concept was developed and outlined.
Business model canvas was adjusted to apply to our client’s need:

Analyzed service concept to outline the value that business brings to their customers

Customer journey and service process analysis created an overall picture of the service and helped to understand what standard steps and points of contact should be considered from the perspective of the customer, partners and service provider.

Snapshots from the project

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