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New service concept for an energy company to enter the electric car charging business

Background for the project

A Nordic energy company had an ambition to accelerate their organic growth through new business innovation. This work focused on electric car charging services for consumers and business customers. Our client had already good understanding of the overall value chain as well as the value creation opportunities. At first, we put focus on private charging services and solutions.

Client problem to solve​

The company needed support in understanding their potential positioning, role and offering in the private car charging market.

Key questions were:

  • Who would be the main customers?
  • Where is the greatest potential?
  • What is required to enter the market?
  • Does this support the company strategy and targets?

Project outcomes

Together with client stakeholders we…

  • Defined clear target segment to ensure efforts are focused on the highest potential customers
  • Mapped customer journey to understand the main pain points and value creation opportunities
  • Crafted a business model that ensured the service creates value to the business
  • Drafted a development roadmap that enables successful launch of the service

Snapshots from the project

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