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Interim Product Management support to lead product renewal

Background and the problem

We had previously worked with the client on outlining how to get their leading digital B2B product back on the growth track (read more here). As the product was about to go through significant transformation, our client needed an expert to lead the product renewal. To ensure the renewal would be delivered without delays and meet its objectives, the client turned to us to take on the role as an interim Product Manager.

Key outcomes

As the interim Product Manager we ensured:

Transformative product renewal without implementation delays

Successful operative rollout of the renewed product across the client organisation

Smooth handover to the new Product Manager, who could hit the ground running

Our role

Led the day-to-day development

The vast majority of time was spent on guiding the development team in renewing the product itself and the internal processes related to it.

During development we also refined some of the aspects of the planned business model based on learnings from analysis and validation.

Our flexible way-of-working enabled the client to stay in planned schedule as we were able to scale up our support when needed.

Planned and led implementation of go-to-market strategy

We supported key stakeholders in defining a go-to-market approach using limited beta testing before scaling the operations.

In the testing period we focused on validating that the product worked from a technical perspective, customers agree on the value proposition and that all related internal processes, sales materials, and trainings are sufficient.

Through a few iterations based on gathered insights we then defined and led the large-scale rollout of the renewed product.

Ensured smooth handover to new Product Manager

Acting as the interim Product Manager meant that we had to ensure successful transfer of all relevant knowledge to the new Product Manager when the renewed product started entering a more operative mode.

To succeed in this, we spent some time discussing and documenting different aspects and ideas regarding the renewed product also with the previous Product Manager. Based on this, and all the learnings gathered during development, we were able to quickly fill in the new Product Manager on all aspects related to the product.

Snapshots from the project

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