Case study
Drive Consistent Business Value

Driving revenue through optimizing customer channel mix

Background and the problem

A digital mobility consumer service provider approached us with a need to analyse and further understand their customer base. The company had been focusing on boosting their rapid growth through product development and marketing, but little attention had gone to fully evaluate customers and their behavior – who they are and how they behave were mostly based on assumptions. Therefore, to better allocate the resources, serve the customers and improve the overall business performance, the client needed seasoned external experts. ​

Key outcomes


Identified preferred channels usage and changes overtime

Our client’s customers can access their service through various sources, among other’s, Google ads and different client’s own platforms. These channels were evaluated to understand the preference, profitability and effectiveness.

The popularity of source in acquiring new customers had changed overtime, from channel 4 to channel 5, indicating changes in customer behavior and their preferences. It helped to detect areas to focus on and on next steps.

Identified preferred channels with the highest CLV

Analysing customer retention by channel revealed the highest business value delivering source.

Customer lifetime value varied significantly depending on the used source. While channel 5 was most used, it’s customers were among least committed., making this source less profitable than it could be. Channel 1 was relatively new and not so popular in acquiring new customers, however it’s customers were most committed. Our findings indicated that efforts should go into guiding customers to channels that has the highest lifetime value and optimizing marketing activities.

Snapshots from the project

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