Case study
Drive Consistent Business Value

Developing and validating monetisation plan for an existing digital service

Background and the problem

A Finnish incumbent digital service provider was facing challenges with structurally declining business operations. Despite knowing that there was a need to monetise their service, our client had difficulties to define how to do it. To define an appropriate monetisation model the client needed help in first understanding who the main users of the service are and why they use the service.

Key outcomes

Identified B2B users as the main target segment to focus on

Defined three more specific B2B user groups with highest potential and their typical use cases and needs

Outlined clear next steps on what content to monetise and how to do it


Phase 1

Built a fact base

As a starting point, user traffic data was collected to establish an understanding of who the users are and how they use the service. Collected and analysed data included daily and monthly visits, registered vs unregistered users, source of visits, used device, what is the service used for and so on.

Significant drop of views during weekends suggests that the service is used for work purposes.

One type of service usage stands out as most prominent.

Detected use cases

Based on the collected insights we were able to identify six potential use cases for further evaluation.
To define which use cases to focus on we evaluated each of the identified use cases against a set of criteria. The evaluation allowed us to identify three use cases with the highest business value to focus on in the next phase.

Identified use cases
Evaluated areas
  • Use case category relevance
  • User needs
  • Use case situations
  • Potential monetisation model
  • Business value relevance (e.g., frequency of use, alternatives, importance of the information)
Use case categories with the highest business value

Phase 2

Validated with user segments

Next up we validated previously identified use cases through user interviews. In the interviews we also focused on determining which new or existing features create the most value for users. Through validation we were able to define what parts of the service should be further developed and monetised to deliver the highest value both for users and for the client.

Phase 3

Outlined monetisation plan

Based on understanding who the key users are and which features provide most value to them we then outlined a plan to monetise the service. The monetisation plan consisted of two phases to ensure the successful implementation: how to further develop monetised content and changes needed for a paywall set-up. This plan enabled the client to move forward with setting up a monetisation model in an iterative and efficient way.

Snapshots from the project

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