Case study
Drive Consistent Business Value

Data-based customer insights to improve business performance

Background for the project

A mobility service provider with a digital consumer product approached us with a need to analyse their customer base. The company had been focusing on boosting their rapid growth through product development and marketing, but little attention had gone to really understanding their customers – who they are and how they behave were mostly based on assumptions.

Our four-week data analysis revealed plenty of new insights about the customers and their behaviour. We analysed the potential in both new customer acquisition and the existing customers. In addition, we combined internal data with external information and insights such as publicly available credit card usage data to benchmark performance.

Client problem to solve​

The basis for the analysis was to understand customer behaviour and value based on data

  • How are the customers using the service and what kind of customer groups can be identified based on the behaviour?
  • How valuable is each customer group in terms of the lifetime value and what causes the differences between customer groups?
  • How are the different channels used and what would be the optimal solution for the business?

Understanding was also needed about how effective their marketing efforts had been in new customer acquisition

  • What was the business impact of different marketing activities?
  • How can the marketing performance be improved to increase return on investment?

Also, COVID-19 impact was heavily affecting client's business and was part of the analysis.

  • How well has the business recovered from the COVID-19 hit?
  • How has the business performed relative to the market?

Project outcomes

Client is now able to target different customer groups and focus on the customers with the highest lifetime value.

Through the data-analysis we were able to for example:

  • Identify a major underserviced high-value customer segment with a CLV of 54% above average
  • Discover an optimal channel mix to drive 2x higher customer retention and 44% higher frequency of use

Our analysis uncovered why some customer groups are more valuable to the business than others and how that could be leveraged.

These insights were translated into concrete actions for the business to execute.

Finally, we defined the critical metrics to follow and targets to set in order to further improve the business.

Snapshots from the project

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